A commissioned painting of a tiled courtyard and porch area, verdant with potted plants and a fragrant Jasmine tree.


"Hannah captured my grandmother’s house so beautifully.

We now have a cherished memory of her that we can look at everyday and remember the amazing times spent there.

I knew I could trust Hannah with this piece because not only is she an exceptionally talented painter, she is also kind and considerate. She captures stories in her art.

Thank you Hannah!"


"Hannah painted me a beautiful landscape of a scene that meant a lot to me personally.

Not only is the final product one of my favourite art pieces, but she was professional and lovely to work with each step of the way.

I would highly recommend Hannah and Hannah Michelle Studios to anyone looking for a piece to bring colour into their space!"


"It has been a wonderful experience connecting with Hannah.

She captured how I think and feel about the small-town life where I grew up in her piece “Burgeoning” — it reminds me of home every time I look at it. It is even more special that she is a local in a place that shaped who I am.

Hannah was so wonderful to work with and handling all the details of shipping to the US and payment was incredibly easy.

Hannah is an extraordinary talent and I absolutely love the finished piece. I highly recommend her!"


"About three years ago Hannah painted a very meaningful scene for me. Blueberry Hill is an iconic landmark near my childhood cottage - an adorable uninhabited and cliffy island that earned its name by being covered in wild blueberries. Hannah was able to take the reference photo I gave her and add the same warmth and mysticism that I find in my memories of this place.

Since Hannah painted this piece for me, I've moved and redecorated, and this painting always finds its place in a central point of my home. From across the room I've had guests ask if it's a photo print, and then get closer and admire the expressive colours and brushstrokes that make you want to jump into the lake on a hot day.

The added significance for me is that Hannah has been a dear friend for years, and I've had a chance to watch her grow in her art practice. The best way that I can describe her commission work is that she uses her art, which started as a hobby for self-expression, to bring life to images that are most significant for her clients. Through her intuitive and intentional work, she creates the space for them to be expressed as well. Thank you Hannah, for the beautiful painting that will be treasured always."


"I am so pleased with the piece Hannah did for me. I gave her a picture of a photograph of a part of my childhood, and was more than amazed at the result. Our barn, where I kept my ponies growing up is no longer there, so I wanted something to remember those wonderful days.

When I texted the picture, I apologised that it was not a very good one, with the glare off the glass of the framed photo. I said I wanted “something” in the window, like you might see looking into an old, dusty barn window. The result almost made me cry, with the memories it brought rushing back.

​Thanks, Hannah, for your amazing job on “Barn Window”. You remarked that it was a challenge, but you rose to it, and I am forever grateful."


"Hannah manages to capture not only the extreme beauty of the scenery and locations of her paintings but she is able to evoke the raw emotion and passion and behind her artwork. Her commission work always gives such a strong sense of what the piece means to those who have commissioned them, such love and passion behind each stroke of her brush.

Some of the best received gifts I have given in recent years are Hannah's Christmas ornaments, lovingly secured to Birch trees she locally sourced and hand cut. I was able to gift multiple different prints, my particular favourite is the "Seat of Power" with the sunset at Parliament in Ottawa, Ontario. I was able to give copies family who live far from Ottawa and now have a piece of home with them thanks to Hannah!

Hannah is reliable, very professional and so very passionate; I cannot recommend her work enough."


"I came across Hannah’s original piece “Seat of Power” and absolutely loved the colours, the scenery, and the style of the piece. Hannah beautifully captured the skyline of the Parliament buildings in Ottawa and their reflection.

I am thrilled to be able to hang this piece by a local artist in my home. I will be continuing to keep my eye out for more of Hannah’s paintings and add to my collection."


"Hannah was absolutely amazing in bringing to life a photo I took in Iceland.

 Her style is so unique and that painting gets ooohs and ahhhhs from everyone we have over.

Would happily do another commissioned piece with her."


"My daughter in Ottawa met Hannah and had her paint from a photograph ( which my daughter took) as a gift to us.

It was a photo of a sunset at Qualicum Beach where my husband and I have stayed for at least 15 years each summer and we also grew up spending summers there in our childhoods. It is a magical place for us and to see how Hannah caught that magic in her painting is truly incredible. 

She has portrayed not only the magic but the extraordinary beauty and the feelings this scenery brings out in us. I haven't met Hannah personally but we have been sharing emails and she is so delightful and lovely!

Thank you so very much, Hannah!"


"Hannah has proven herself over and over again as a very talented artist. I've been fortunate enough to watch her progress through Instagram and actually have a photo of mine painted by her.

Needless to say, when it arrived at my door it was more than what I had expected and I'm happy to have supported her talent. If anyone is looking to support a local Ontarian/Canadian I highly recommend you reach out to her!"


"On my birthday I was surprised by my family with the most beautiful, captivating 16x20” acrylic painting of the family farm my grandfather built in the early 1900s.

Hannah was able to capture the feel of that magic place in the far north of Norway. A cold, wintery night, the milky way with all its stars splashed across the sky and the moon-kissed mountain side.

You can feel the warmth in the light coming from the farm house.

Hannah also made me a few ornaments with the print of the painting that I gave to my siblings. They all treasured it and are in awe at what Hannah had been able to capture, the gift of a true artist.

I highly recommend Hannah to capture and paint something close to your heart for you.

I will definitely use her in the future!"


"Hannah painted a photo taken on a trip of mine out in BC for my apartment when I was redecorating. It's a larger painting, at 4ft x 2ft, and came out incredible!

She worked with me throughout the entire journey; providing me photos along the way and consistently communicating different ideas and directions we could take the painting, without pushing me in any one way. This meant that despite this photo meaning a lot to me, I was never once concerned that it wouldn't turn out amazing.

I am absolutely thrilled by the result; it looks even better than the photo (thanks to her incredible eye for moody landscapes) and has quickly become the statement piece of my apartment.

I would 100% recommend anyone to take this journey with her, and I will be a customer in the future."


"Hannah captures the moment!

We were fortunate to be the buyers of a painting of Narrows Lock. This piece of work gives us a moment to reflect on many memories - when she finished and posted this picture there was no question that it wouldn’t be hanging on our wall.

Hannah, is such a gifted artist, we can’t wait to see what you create next! We look forward to following your journey."