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"Black Olives" Sticker

"Black Olives" Sticker

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High quality, 3x3", weatherproof, vinyl sticker with a gloss finish of the original painting "Black Olives" by Hannah Kilby.

"Black Olives" is the eighth painting in the Sustenance Series.

The original painting is a 12x12” acrylic and oil painting on gallery thick (1.5”) cradled birch wood.

The photo referenced for this painting was curated and captured by the artist, Hannah Kilby.


Vinyl Stickers

These babies are the OG multipurpose sticker. This material is strong, reliable, and versatile, perfect for indoor or outdoor use. Stickers made on vinyl material will withstand any kind of weather, will hang on through the dishwasher, and are UV protected so they will stay shiny (finish dependent) and vibrant for up to 3 years.


Unlike prints and original paintings, my stickers, when purchased on their own, are mailed in envelopes without tracking.

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The Sustenance Series

In July 2021 an afternoon snack of some dewy cherries in a bowl launched a multi-year series when I became enamoured with capturing vibrant still-life scenes in acrylic & oil paint.

Originally meant as a one-off, my painting “Cherries” was an inspiration experiment for me, especially considering I was predominantly a landscape painter then.

Getting my paint brushes in hand each day to continue work on the 48x48” birch wood panel was an absolute joy beyond anything I’d experienced as an artist at that time.

There’s a quote by Jennifer Lee that goes: “Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire”. Perhaps painting a big scene of cherries doesn’t seem to be the most daring thing, but for me stretching to create something so out of my comfort zone, and chasing that bubbling of joy was exactly that: pursuing something that set my soul alight.

“Cherries” became the first of the collection that would eventually be called The Sustenance Series.

I’ve been lucky to connect with so many people online who’ve contributed ideas for subjects to the series, commented support for the continuation of the collection and supported the work by buying a print or original piece.