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"Indulgence" Sticker

"Indulgence" Sticker

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High quality, 3x3", weatherproof, vinyl sticker with a matte finish of the original painting "Indulgence" by Hannah Kilby.

The original artwork is a 24x24” acrylic and oil painting on a gallery thick, 1.5” birch wood panel.

It began as a blueberry pie my mom purchased "just because" for my boyfriend and me and turned into an impromptu photoshoot when I couldn't help but notice the glossy pie filling, shiny fork and translucence of the berry filling on the utensils.

Now that slice of pie can transcend being a feast of regular limitations and also be a feast for the eyes! So, indulge, I say!

The photo referenced for this painting was curated and captured by the artist, Hannah Kilby.


Vinyl Stickers

These babies are the OG multipurpose sticker. This material is strong, reliable, and versatile, perfect for indoor or outdoor use. Stickers made on vinyl material will withstand any kind of weather, will hang on through the dishwasher, and are UV protected so they will stay shiny (finish dependent) and vibrant for up to 3 years.

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