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"Mom's Garden" Giclée

"Mom's Garden" Giclée

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Giclée Print

The original artwork is an 11x14” oil painting on a gallery thick (1.5") hand-stretched canvas.

I took the reference photo for this painting "Mom's Garden" in, you guessed it, my mom's garden 🙃 She has these massive mulch flower beds around her property and every time I visit in the summer one of the first things I do is head outside with all her available vases and make seemingly endless flower arrangements for her home. One of my absolute favourite residents of her garden is the echinacea, or cone flower. They seem to bloom FOREVER and their vibrant pink and purple hues can be seen across the backyard.

As far as a painting subject went, I had way too much fun mixing these paints together and ADORED the photographic perspective, blurring out the more distant blooms and hyper focusing on those in the foreground. When I look into this painting I can feel the humid Ontario summer, smell the grass roasting in the July weather and hear a cicada beetle singing in the trees.



Fine Art Paper Giclée

The fine art paper print comes borderless and without a frame, the photos featuring frames are simply to help visualize the art. The fine art paper used is archival quality and has a matte finish.

Stretched Canvas Giclée

The canvas print is stretched onto a 1.5" deep wooden frame, the print is mirrored around the edges to mimic how the original painting's scene wraps onto the edge of the panel. The canvas used is archival quality and has a satin finish.

Care Guide

Handle the print as lightly as possible, with oil-free, gloved hands if possible. The oils from our skin can tarnish and discolour the surface of the print.

What is a "giclée"?

Giclée (pronounced jhee-clay) is the term coined for the latest generation of fine art reproduction. The term means “to spurt” in French and comes from the fact that a giclée printer is basically an inkjet printer taken to the extreme. Giclées are printed with a microscopic sized dot pattern allowing for virtual continuous tone printing. Using 10 different coloured inks we are able to capture a range of colours previously unheard of, resulting in the absolute highest quality print imaginable.

Open vs. Limited Edition

Open Edition:

While of the same excellent quality as a limited edition print, there is no limit to the number of copies that will be made of the original painting when offered as an open edition print. These prints are priced more economically than their higher value counterparts for this reason.

Limited Edition:

These prints are offered as a singular, limited batch, usually of 100. Once the available prints are sold, there will not be more made. Limited edition prints are signed, dated, numbered to show which print out of the batch each is and they come with a certificate of authenticity. Due to the limited nature of these prints, they are valued higher than open edition prints.

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Dive into nature

It was standing in bafflement, trying to take in the wonder of the natural world that originally compelled me to paint. I wanted to see if it was possible to capture the essence of a sunset, the delicacy of a misty sunrise, the soothing balm that is a placid lake under a bluebird sky.

As an artist, I find massive inspiration in and creative recharging through nature, so I would say that regular trips out into the world, whether via plane or simply a pair of hiking boots with a dog leash in hand, is necessary to my artistic practice.

Landscapes were what pulled me into the art world and had me intrigued to stay long enough to see improvement from my early work. Though now I’ve progressed beyond painting only landscapes, I can’t see myself ever being totally satisfied with only using my camera to extol the glory of an outdoor scene.